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Performance Surveys

Architects, contractors, engineers and most other members of the construction trade are often limited to knowledge about only projects they work on.  In contrast, we get to examine detailed information about thousands of buildings.  We see what designs worked as intended, and which ones did not.  We see the final products, and which ones perform best.

In many cases, a result (or lack thereof) will indicate a problem, but the actual cause cannot be readily identified.  Our expertise and technology provide for precise measurement and inventory of each of your building’s systems, ultimately allowing us to determine the root cause of a problem.  Likewise, in cases that we are involved early in a building’s design, our experience allows us to help you foresee and correct problems at little to no cost.

Our performance survey’s include:

  • Information about how a system should work.
  • Apparatus, including equipment and materials used in each system.
  • Diagrams of systems in your particular building.  
  • Testing information, including environment, procedures and conditions.
  • Conclusion, including whether your building’s systems are performing as designed.
  • Temperature Testing.
  • As Build Drawing.
  • HVAC Performance Testing.

Whether you're nearing completion on a new building, working on renovations to an existing facility, or just thinking about a future expansion, we’d love to use our expertise to make your building one of the best.   

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