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Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are complex buildings, holding some of the most advanced technologies in engineering, HVAC, plumbing, life safety and sound.  From special considerations for infection control, to protecting non-ambulatory patients in the time of emergency, medical buildings require a great deal of care and expertise.

Healthcare Facilities

Our team carries extensive knowledge and experience in testing and balancing systems in healthcare facilities.  Whether it be reversing airflow to direct away from a surgical field, or ensuring a fire system is prepared to contain a fire, we are qualified to ensure each system is operating as it was designed.

Our Healthcare test and balance services include:       

  • Room Pressurization Tests
  • Airflow Parallelism Tests
  • Recovery Tests
  • Lighting Level and Uniformity Tests
  • Sound Level Tests
  • Vibration Level Tests
  • General Temperature and Humidity Uniformity Tests
  • Comprehensive Temperature and Humidity Uniformity Tests
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Tests
  • Air Change Rate (ACH) Test

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